During my career I had the opportunity to be interviewed by a number of newspapers and magazines. 
Here you will be able to read some of those articles in English and Portuguese. The articles expand from the beginning of my career, when I was working as a Laserist, to the Brasilsat I launch (the first Latin America telecommunications satellite) and also from product releases such as 1-2-3 Multimedia Smart Help, ScreenCam, Notes 2.0, Microsoft Expedia, WebEx conferencing technology and others.

Select the articles you would like to read from the links below.

Nutrihand® Wellness Center selected as one of the 5 best sites to use for weight loss - Aug 2010
Microlife's WatchWT MedGem® device will be used to assess metabolic changes in The Biggest Loser contestants - Jan 2010
Microlife Medical Home Solutions Launches MiHealthCoach to link MiHealthLog Users with their health care professionals  - July 2010
Microlife Medical Home Solutions Launches Comprehensive Online Health Management Program; MiHealthLog - December 21, 2009
Nutrihand Wellness Platform Redefines Customer Retention - March 9, 2007
MGH Hospital Monitors and Educates Patients With The Help of Nutrihand Wellness Tools - July 21, 2006
First Class Food Manufacturer Selected Nutrihand Wellness Platform to Develop its Online Wellness Portal - June 14, 2006
San Jose State University Incorporates Nutrihand Wellness Platform in Education and in Healthcare Cost Reduction - April 11, 2006
New Wellness Platform Differentiates Your Brand While Fitting to Your Unique Requirements - February 15, 2006
Nutrihand Generates Buzz at Food & Nutrition Conference Expo 2005 - October 31, 2005
The One that Got Away - September 6, 2005
Nutrihand Launches Free Online Health Service for Dietitians - August 9, 2005
Nutrihand Empowers Consumers to Manage Their Health and Lose Weight for Free - August 15, 2005
Nutrihand Debuts New Internet Diabetes Management Service for Health Care Providers at ADA 65th Scientific Sessions - June 7, 2005
Diabetics Take Health Care Into Their Own Hands; Use Online Health Service for Better Self Management - May 17, 2005
Customers First Impressions - 2005
First-of-its-Kind Service Now Available for Diabetics to Manage Medical, Diet, and Fitness Needs in One Location - February 8, 2005
Curve Magazine - November 2007
Jungle Magazine - February/March 2007
Obongo Release - December 1999
Webex Release - April 1999
Revista Veja - December 1996
Micronews - October 1996
O Dia - February 1985
WITI - June 1996
Jornal da Embratel - February 1985
Diario da Manha - September 1983
O Popular - September 1983
Jornal de Brasilia - August 1983
Jornal de Brasilia - July 1983
Correio Braziliense - July 1983
Fatos & Fotos - October 1982
Isto E - June 1982
O Globo - February 1982
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