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Goiânia, September 7th 1983



Laser Control Center









From the three-dimensional images control panel, the movements are ordained according to the audience desires.




The Cosmic Laser Concert
A show of much color, lights and cosmic images
by Lindoberto Silva

From today to the 18th, the Goianian public will have the opportunity to assist at the UFG (Federal University of Goiãnia) Planetarium, to a show of light, colors and rare visual beauty ever presented in this city. It is the Cosmic Laser Concert, that, as the name says, is a show that mixes music and cosmic images using a laser ray equipment. According to the producer, Lucila Oliveira, the show is produced starting from an unique laser beam, which has, approximately, the density of a hair. It is through an optic and electronic complex device that the laser beam produces images of three-dimensional figures which dance and move according to the music that is being played. The sound track for the show is selected according to the public's taste at each city, and ranges from rock to classic music.


Lasting from 40 to 50 minutes, the visual show requires the utilization of an imported equipment weighting about 900 kilos, and worth 200 thousand dollars. Even though all this modern paraphernalia is responsible for the creation of the images and colors, the show is not only technique. As clarified by Soraya Bittencourt who operates the Laser Image Equipment, of North-American origin, no computer is used in the show, and there is a perfect interaction between art and electronics. According to her, the images are created according to the reception of the public.. "The most interesting is that children, being less inhibited than adults, participate more. According to their reactions, random figures are projected and, once they are three-dimensional, enable each person a different view, depending on where the person is sitting."

New in town, the Cosmic Laser Concert can be seen on the following days and schedules: today sessions are at 10, 11, 18 and 21 hours; tomorrow and the day after, at 20 and 21 hours, on the 11th, at 10, 11, 18, 20 and 21 hours. The last sessions will take place next week from 15th to 18th, following, respectively, the above mentioned schedules.

Even though Muritama Park is closed today due to the National Holliday, a side gate (between Independencia and Contorno Avenues ) will give access to the Planetarium. Prices are Cr$1,000 for students and children up to 12; Cr$1,500 for the remaining public.


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