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Enhance, design and deliver products that make a difference to users. Use my core competency in product/project management to deliver tangible results.

Product and Software Development Management Strategic Planning Global Partnerships

Eighteen years managing teams and delivering internet and mobile applications. Career highlights include concept, development and delivery of Expedia, AOL e-Commerce RESTful APIs, Wallet and digital delivery subscription engine. Created a platform for Nutrihand Inc., that links professionals and clients to deliver healthcare over the internet and mobile devices. That platform is also available for international markets with content and code localizations for Portuguese and Spanish.

Experienced with geographically-dispersed teams Expert in SDLC and e-Commerce
Team builder, planner and problem solver Managed Product, Development and QA
Excellent communication skills Fluency in English, Portuguese and Spanish

Product, design, development and QA management experience in SAAS and mobile applications
Requirements gathering, market validation, prototype, usability testing, product specs, features, project management, development, quality testing and delivery
Software knowledge in HTML, JSP, XML, J2EE, JavaScript, JQuery, iOS, Flex and MySQL
Amazon Web Services (AWS) and cloud based deployment
Web authoring experience with all Adobe tools as well as Web Expressions


2004   Founder and CEO Nutrihand Inc
Nutrihand is an internet health management services site for consumers, health care providers and corporations. Responsible for initial research to validate market and concept, financed, build the company and team, responsible for marketing, business development partnerships and raising venture funds.

2001   Sr. Director e-Commerce - America Online Time Warner
Responsible for all transactions/payment product development, architecture, business development partnerships and marketing.

1998/93   Group Program Manager - Microsoft Corp - Finance Technology Team
Responsible for 4 finance products used worldwide for daily P&L operations. Managed a team of 42 developers, testers, program managers and production support people. Operational budget of 6 million dollars.

Creator of Microsoft Expedia - Group Program Manager - Microsoft Corp
Responsible for content, application architecture and design, specifications and delivery. Products included: Expedia 1.0, 2.0, Expedia International, and Corporate Travel Technologies. Also responsible for AMEX relationship and products.

Sr. Program Manager - Microsoft CorpMicrosoft Windows
Responsible for DCI - video clip display technology for Windows 95 and key manager on Intel/Microsoft hardware devices relationship.


Development Manager - Lotus Corp
Managed a team of 29 people including development, QA, content and ops. Responsible for developing a new market for Lotus multimedia products including: 1-2-3, AMI Pro, Freelance, Notes, Annotator, Lotus Sound, Media Manager, and ScreenCam.



Director of Software - Number Nine Computer
Number Nine Computer, managing the engineering and QA teams- responsible for new product development and strategy.



Software Developer - Number Nine Computer
Introduced 3rd. generation of TI34010 high-res graphics boards using Texas Instruments TIGA, Number Nine Computer. Extend development of a new display market.



Launched the first Latin America Communications Satellite.
Helped to recover Palapa B2 and Weststar VI Communications Satellite, Embratel S/A.


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