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October 7th, 1982

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Laser Show Images

The most varied laser effect if they mix and if they alternate to the sound of classica musica (Blue Danubio) or of instrumental rock


Rio de Janeiro

Arnaldo Bloch

From a simple beam of light, extraordinary space dreams are created. This can be seen in the dome of Topsail River Planetarium, that since July is hosting the Laser Cosmic Concert produced by the North American company Willy Feliu Productions. Already almost six million people, in Los Angeles, New Iorque, London and Tokyo, attended the show.

Now it is the time for the Brazilian market. Geométric images overlap, enlarge, twist, dance in spiral forms, waving on a perfect projection of a surreal space. Everything coreographed to the rhythm of a deep varied music themes, from Johann Strauss Blue Danubeto the instrumental rock of Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Pink Floyd.

Soraya Bittencourt, "carioca" (from Rio de Janeiro), is in charge of the programming and execution of the show. The mnusic come from a cassette tape that came of Los Angeles, it triggers basic signals that feeds the control panel. Based on the orientation of North American technician Dexter Gocha, Soraya use the resources of the laser machine to create images to match the music.

Soraya, that graduated in electronics, considers the acceptance of publishes excellent Brazilian to it: " Much people come to attend of new, and in the weekends the cupola always is crowded; when to finish the season in the River, intends to go the Brasilia and later São Paulo."

Fifty and seven buttons, that command complex and delico a set of lenses, prisms and mirrors. In the movement of all these buttons, Soraya finds the space ideal to free its creativity. It explains that, although to have a programming, two presentations never are identical: " I always look for in accordance with to vary my inspiration and with the taste of the public, who assists me with applauses at the moments that more please." The infinite resources of the laser already are used in the cinema, mainly in Hollywood.

Soraya counts that the proper Willy Feliu already worked in cinematographic productions, also in the some effect special of the ticket office success that was the film War in the Stars.

The show presented in the planetarium of the River comes despertando the interest of much people that it intends to carry through productions of the sort here in Brazil. Some musical groups already had requested the aid of the Willy to use the laser in its presentations to the living creature, also to the outdoors, without projections in screens or domes.

"This has been done internationaly and she believes that it will spread out in Brazil, after the precedent we created. Television networks are already using them - Soraya counts. The Laser Cosmic Concert is shows happens weekdays playing rock and on weekends, with classical music and instrumental rock.

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