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July 25th, 1983

Laserium Show Poster

Laserium Poster

The Cosmic Laser Concert
A show of colors, lights and sounds


"The Cosmic Laser Concert" is a voyage of geometric, multicolored tridimensional images projected by a laser equipment, that is being exhibited in the Brazilian Planetarium, from Tuesday to Friday, with sessions at 20 and 21h and on Saturdays and Sundays at 19:30, 20:30, 21:30 and 22:30h. This is one of the five laser equipment in the world - the public has already seen this show in all main Brazilian cities, with good acceptance.

The atmosphere is created by the projection, in the dome, of images reproducing our galaxy. The almost total darkness is broken by the appearance of the first luminous points projected by the laser, while you can hear the "Stratosphere" music by Tangerine Dream. The laser is projected in red, yellow, green and blue. Spherical forms appear and they spread via sound-waves effect multiplying in several designs. This synchronization sound/image is commanded by an operator, a technological artist, who deals with 58 buttons available in the laser equipment, to synchronize with the sound track, taped in a quadraphonic equipment and that ranges from classic music to Pink Floyd.

Soraya Bittencourt, responsible for the operation of the laser equipment, explains that all projected images have geometrical lines.

Each show is unique, and depends on the public's return. The laser has intense color and a precise focus, recalling the neon lights. The images multiply and change continuously: geometric forms, entwined lines, water reflections, hazes, a ballet of colors and shapes, all parade through the dome of the Planetarium allowing multiple association by the public.

A krypton laser is used in the show, the most adequate for entertainment, due to its capacity to produce 4 colors. An American Company brought the show to Brazil. Its owner, Willy Feliu, says that the same show is going on for over 5 years at the London and Los Angeles Planetariums, and is being exhibited with success in the main cities all over the world. Prices are: Cr$1,500 for adults and Cr$1,000 for children and students.

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