Jornal de Brasília
Sunday, July 24th,  1983

Laser Flower Image

Luminous dance of figures

A cosmic concert with laser


Instead of musicians, guitars, flutes, batteries or any another instrument the de Brasília public will be able to attend a show where the star is a laser ray. At the very least, fantastic. A show with music, a lot of color and light. With an advantage: to seat in comfortable sofa in the Planetarium and during 50 minutes to enter in an adventure that leaves any one close to the 21st century. The artist who provides all of this is only one: Soraya Bittencourt, the only woman in the world today, who works with lasers in the entertainment area.

The artist is Soraya and, of course, the laser machine. With an incredible nimbleness she explains what is this machine that makes dreams that are beyond people's imagination.

The technique constitutes of a central lamp that produces a laser light as thin as a hair. This beam is divided through a series of prisms and "scanners" that as it receives the movement given by the electronic table, generates the fantastic figures: circles, clouds of some types, stars, triangles, atomic forms, squares, lozenges, suns, etc. The figures are placed in motion according to the rhythm of music, composing a rich and original dance.

The diverse and simultaneous effect, are obtained with the movement of the buttons, which from the central beam, form millions of other luminous beams . I make the creation of the effects. From the music I create the choreography and make the figures dance. As they are three-dimensional, they are launched untied, join and again they are broken up.

The explanation of Soraya can seem complicated in a way but the visual effect is indescribable. Only seeing.  A 23 years old Carioca, electronic engineer, graduated at University Gama Filho, in Rio, touring Brazil with what he can be the entertainment of the future. A show of light, music and rhythm that classifies, above of everything, as being creative. It will be at least six weeks in Brasilia and may be more, depending on how is received by the public.

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