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Title - Soraya Bittencourt
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Soraya Bittencourt has more than 20 years of leadership in the software field.
Soraya is a former Microsoft executive and original creator of Expedia, the first internet travel agency that revolutionized the industry.

Currently, she is CEO of Nutrihand Inc. Nutrihand provides an Internet-based health management service platform to deliver services for patients/consumers, healthcare providers and payers.

Patients can delay onset of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and others or avoid complications. Providers can deliver better care, monitor effectiveness of treatment outcomes, intervene at the right times and increase patient compliance. Payers can reduce in average 30% of their healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism, increase target population satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

Nutrihand is defining a new category of internet health management services. Nutrihand's platform delivers services that are extremely customizable to each user and also to each business partner. It links providers with patients/consumers to allow monitoring and delivery of quality care.

After years dealing with diabetes and being unable to find any solution that could help her manage it, she decided to create a company that focus on creating tools to improve the lives of not only diabetics like her, but also people suffering from other chronic diseases.

Prior to Microsoft, Soraya worked at Lotus Development where she was responsible for the multimedia CD-ROM versions of 1-2-3, Notes, AmiPro, FreeLance, and the development of ScreenCAM.

Soraya was responsible for launching the first telecommunications satellite in Latin America and has won multiple awards for her expertise in user interface design, including Comdex's 1999 MVP AWARD for WebEx.

Her expertise is in software development, especially on Internet and hand-held product development. She holds a number of patents in this area.

Soraya also launched her book: "My Road to Microsoft" in US and "Uma Vida de Sucesso" in Brazil. Click on the cover to know more about the book!

                          Edição USA - My Road to Microsoft                          Livro no Brasil
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